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Disneyland consists of two parks: Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland Park. In Walt Disney Studios park I liked interactive Stitch live show and the tram tour around the park. The train went into pavilion with special effects such as hurricane, fire, flood, rain showers and others. My brother is afraid of fire so didn’t like that attraction at all. But I was more scared of another attraction - Armageddon. On that attraction you are on the real space station which is under the meteorite rain. There was a fire and smoke everywhere and everything was shaking. It was really terrifying. Disneyland Park is a like flight of fancy of many people. There we visited the famous Sleeping Beauty castle, Star wars attraction, Peter Pan flight, Alice’s curious labyrinth and some others. The happiest cruise that I ever sailed was “It’s a small world”. It a great ride for kids but it takes hours to get the song out your mind.


The statue of Walt Disney with Mickey
Studio Tram tour.
The machine from film " Armageddon ".
Behind me is the fantasy castle “It’s a small world”.
Alice’s curious labyrinth. It isn't so easy to get out of it !
It's the area called " Pirates of the Caribbean ".
Disney once upon a dream parade !
Jack the Sparrow is giving me his autograph.
It's the entrance of the Disneyland Park.
The main street of Disneyland Park goes the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty castle ".
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