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Legoland is a big park made of LEGO. It is placed in Gunzburg-a town on the way from Stuttgart to Munich.We spent there all day enjoying different attractions. Most of all I liked the most famous European cities made of LEGO and a big water hill. I think it was great! There are also different playgrounds and a ride called "Safari Trek" which allows the rider to see many life sized Lego models of animals. On board of the "Sky Cruiser" we peddled ourselves around the track and saw the park. Also we were in the Knights' Kingdom, dinosaurous land and we took a tour through the LEGO factory with a real automated machinery demonstrating molding, decorating , assembling and packing of LEGO products.

On animal - print jeeps we discovered wild animals in the jungle.
Pirate Shore. After this attraction we were soaking.
When we sailed on pirate's ship we aimed our water canons and shot at the spectators and other riders.
LEGO Venice.
LEGO Neuschwanstein.
LEGO Berlin.
LEGO airport.
LEGO Hamburg.
LEGO Amsterdam.
We took the sieve and a plate and decided to collect gold.
Then I put the gold to the balance. It was enough to get a medal.
"Sky Cruiser"
Lego factory is very interesting place.
Try to pull out Excalibur.
The Dinosaurs roller-coaster.
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