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At the airport of Prague - the capital of Czech Republic, we met the leader of our tourist group. We’ve got on the bus to go to our hotel with a family-style accommodation. Prague is an old city which has a long history. So we decided to go on an excursion around the city. Unfortunately the weather was cold and wet, but we enjoyed the excursion very much. Most of all I liked the Karlov bridge – the oldest bridge in Prague. It was built by Karl the 4 th in 14 century. Also I liked the clock on the main square. There is a little show on them every hour, so the square is always crowded with people. We've visited a factory where the Bohemian Crystal glass is made. There we saw all the stages of making crystalware. By the way excursion was in English.


Prague is situated on the river Vltava.

Czech Republic is famous for it's Bohemian Crystal glass.

Here we are on the factory of Bohemian Crystal glass in Nizbor. This factory was founded in 1846.

This is the famous Charle's bridge - it's oldest bridge in Prague. If you have a precious dream and you touch this place your dream will come true.

This is a toy museum where there is a large number of toys of different historic areas.


Here I'm on the main square of Prague. Behind me is a clock tower with a show on them every hour.

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