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I study at school number 6, in the 5th form. My school isn't large but it's very comfortable. I like the school mainly because of the number of friends and wonderful teachers I have there. My favourite subjects at school are Math, Art, English, Russian, information science and German. My class is very friendly and we like to run, to jump, to dance, to sing and to play different plays together. But my class is very noisy too, mostly during the breaktime. It can be very difficult to be with us, but we try to be good!

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We enjoy playing different games outside!

We like to play different plays and here we are after the play "Cinderella". I play he main role.


A new school year had started again!

It's the New Year with my classmates.


It's the play "Masha and Vitya in fairy forest".

We are on a farewell party.

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