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  My family and I enjoy travelling very much and we travel to different places every year. On these pages I'd like to share my impressions with you.
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Czech Republic


We arrived to Prague, the capital of Czech Republic on 22 of July and it was the first city we've visited in our exciting journey.



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Let's travel

Germany, Legoland

Sherlock Holmes' club

I think that every child has a dream to visit Legoland and I'm not an exception...


Guest book

France, Paris

It took us 7 hours to get to Paris from south of Germany. The day was very hot, but this trip worst it.



Germany, Neuschwanstein castle

When we planed our trip to Germany, We certainly decided to visit Neuschwanstein castle.



France, Disneyland

Disneyland consists of two paks Walt Disney Studios park and Disneyland park. Disneyland is about 40 km from Paris, so when we came to France we stayed near it.



Some more about European cities.

It was a busy year for my family that is why we were looking forward to our holidays in Europe. And now my wish has come true!


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